Your one of the only people who do kdrama scenarios I was wondering if can I have a Wang Yo scenario where a princess from a neighboring country comes to the palace to marry him he falls in love with her instantly and starts to become more kind hearted for you while that’s happening his first wife gets jealous and attempts to get rid of you (sorry for the lond request), Hi was wondering if you could do a Wang Yo scenario where your a princess from another kingdom who comes to marry him but his furst wife is jealous of his affection towards you, ~making up a name for his first wife because I don’t believe her name was actually ever stated~. 240 Followers, 1,026 Following, 331 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @sam.maek.jong You could instantly feel the gossip that girls and guys would be speaking as they watched the scene in front of them. You laid onto him as he continued tickling your back as you cuddled. Love ur blog!! Yo couldn’t divorce Heongja because her father gave the kingdom men. “I want to take you out for a date” he calls as you smiled as you walked back home. That’s different” he spoke as you smiled larger. A loud wail filled the room as So began to panic “give her to me” you ordered as he unwilling let her go into your arms. He began buying toys and such claiming that they were for your niece when she came over again. Jo Yoon-woo. He sighed, “so, we are getting married, to each other.” I nodded looking anywhere, but him. Disclaimer: I will be using some scenes from the series, but they will not be following the plot of the actual episode unless requested so. “Does So know yet about the prediction?” she asks “of course not, I spend even less time with him than you do” you tell her as you took another bite. Hansung entered the room he now shared with the other boys “this is for you” he said to Yeowool who instantly smiled “love letters?” Sooho teased as all the boys looked at Yeowool who chuckled “if only” Yeowool says as Hansung looked at him in shock “she’s married to a horrible man. “Marriage is for love. He leaned down “don’t go with him” he whispered again as he placed a light kiss onto your cheek before he pulled away and let go of you before he stepped away and headed off. “I can’t wait for when he can walk and we can take him on real walks. You would often spend your time in the market at the toys thanks to Eun, it helped you remember the happy male he was. I would like to request a part two for the Byunghee scenario, Treat you better. “Well then I guess this shouldn’t be a problem,” he said then placed his lips upon mine. He made a sound as he sat back in his chair “you’re going to play hard to get I see” he said as you laughed. Facebook geeft mensen de kans om te delen en maakt de wereld toegankelijker. High quality Sam Maek Jong inspired Mugs by independent artists and designers from around the world. ! I nodded, “and it’s you.”. I walked on the dirt roads seeing all the rights that surrounded me. You smiled as Hansung stood up and offered to take Chungjae allowing you to stand up. Best acting ensemble curiosidades. Ayahnya memberikan perintah kepada semua penjaganya untuk melindungi Sam Maek Jong yang merupakan calon Ratu yang baru. “I-I-I um-” “good lets go to the club” he told you as you were pulled with him. “Hello Y/N” Ahro says as you pass her. That is all you get and we do something I want to do . “Are you alright?” you asked as you rushed over. I wish you all the best in your writings♥️. You felt arms quickly rest on your shoulders as you were starting to fall over “come on you shouldn’t be up and moving” he spoke calmly as you whined pushing him off. You were quickly pulled to him as he held you close to him as he eyed Pyojoo. For a few more days you and your little siblings spent the days playing with the neighbor Hansung. It was him Ji Dwi, wait he, he was the king? He held me in his arms holding me close. His eyes were mainly wide in amazement at what the female body could do. “Yo-” you cut yourself off shaking your head rapidly before deciding to leave the room. “So bold. She’s pretty, nothing wrong with her. You sat calmly reading in the club waiting for your friends to arrive when someone sat across from you. As one of the servants finished pinning up one last bit of my hair, my mother walked in smiling, “good you’re all done, now it is time for you to meet him!”, I gave her a fake smile and followed behind my mother to the dinning room where we would all meet. “I can’t believe you would even refer to her as that” you tell him as his smile drops. “Her family is very much important. So, he isn’t even here. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Hansung smiled as he went over and picked up the ball “your sister has a good arm” he told Hansol who smiled as the older male bent down handing him the ball. “Do you believe its smart to touch a sleeping baby?“ you spoke as Sooho looked shocked still “do you know everything about parenting now that you popped a kid out?” he asked “I know more that you” you say jabbing your finger into his chest. “I am glad to being able to call you my future wife and queen.” “And I to call you my future husband and king.”. My father cleared his throat, “well we will give you two a moment to get to know each other.”, Our parents left the room leaving us both in the dinning room. He watched as you comforted Gaeun a smile clear on your face as your eyes were filled with love. Pa Oh carefully helped Sam Maek Jong up and held his Majesty on his right, aid him to the horse. You should have a family out of love” Hansung spoke to himself as he walked out of his home. His eyes opened as he watched you get up with blurry eyes. Kim Tae-hyung. Park Hyung Sik. :). Love is for babies. His hands grabbed her hanbok roughly “where is she?” he growled “I do not know my prince” she spoke him honestly. Also, I apologize for any mistakes when using some parts of the episodes if the translation is correct. We can go home and you can lay properly” he cooed as he instantly stopped and turned. Different For You (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! “Noona are you alright?” Baek-ah asked as he watched your eyes drifting shut again. “You think love matters?” his father asks “your mother and Danse’s are two different levels” he heard as his father chuckled continuing to walk away. The future king had arrived from the west back to the kingdom, the day that I would be meeting my future husband. As I entered a figure sat in front me their back facing me, the queen making her way towards me, “Y/N you lovely, please let me introduce you to my son.”. He smiled as he looked over at you “thank you” he whispered “for what?” you asked “helping me make this” he said gesturing to the tiny boy who was drifting off in his arms. “I don’t want to lay down” you tell him before your eyes snapped open suddenly. Sam Maek Jong), Baby Fever (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! You listened to him talk shamelessly staring at his lips “is what I’m saying not interesting?” he asks as you smiles. Chul smiled up at him as Yo sent him one back. “Why must life be like this?” I questioned myself. They bowed walking away but keeping you in their vision just in case. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. A deadly combination” he spoke. Saved by あろ I sighed, then thought of an idea it wouldn’t hurt to go out would it? “What?” he asked you bounced Chul lightly “she was in Chul’s room" you tell him “alright” he says not catching on. “Hansol be careful when you throw” he heard as he smiled. I never approved of the name” he spoke “Y/N gave me the privilege to name your child” Baek-ah told him as So gave him a look before walking away from the room. He was always a gentleman to you and treated you well and it made your heart skip a beat each time he would make you feel amazing. “I can see you,” I spoke not turning around to face the person behind me. Not that you were given much attention before then. He laid there as you left the room, it was a different yet same side of you that he had experienced. I won’t ask quite yet though” he told you as he squeezed you again. He pulled his pants up tying them tightly as he heard you groan rolling over looking at him “where are you going?” you asked him with a pout “my brothers are wanting to see me” he coos walking over and pressing a kiss onto your lips as you grabbed his arm “my dear what is the real reason you’ve been in such a mood?” you asked him as your lips curled into a smile. Durante il Regno di Silla, un gruppo di giovani d'élite chiamato Hwarang esercitava un'enorme influenza. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. “She’s never even looked at you? “No one will hurt you I promise” he says softly to his son as he picked Chul up. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It didn’t even seem like the same person. Join Facebook to connect with Sam Maek Jong and others you may know. He hummed in response, “what’s your name?” he asked. Queen Jiso. He chuckled, “how ironic is it, that we both ended up like this.” I laughed lightly to, but then realized, “you lied.” “I can say the same to you,” he retorted. “Also give this to Yeowool please” you say pulling out a letter as he automatically nodded. Arriving to the palace I was sat down and helped out of my throne, beside me my parents made their way to the door me following behind. No smut or ships! You reentered the room as a rosey scent filled his nose “aren’t you going to leave?” you asked him as you slid your robe back off to get changed. He looked shocked by your lack of words “well pretty and smart then. Sam Maek Jong terbilang masih muda dan karena hal inilah yang membuat dirinya menjadi sasaran para bangsawan untuk melengserkan dirinya. “Father met mother right there” he cooed as he pointed to a tiny shop where you two had ran into each other. Ayahnya memberikan perintah kepada semua penjaganya untuk melindungi Sam Maek Jong yang merupakan calon Ratu yang baru. “Don’t you ever try that again” he hissed at the male. "Are you happy to be a mother?” he asked quietly “very” you whisper. A Sweet Treat and What She Makes Part 1 Part 2, Request: Thanks for making the masterlist of K-Drama scenarios! Don’t worry I promised him I would watch over you” he told you as he grabbed your hand “is this how you were planning to spend your day?” you asked him as he shook his head no. Request: Hi! When you awoke the next morning you nearly jumped out of your skin at the sight of So sitting on the floor holding Gaeun a smile etched on his face. Danse gave you a look as you chuckled “I should go” you spoke as stepped back “we should go somewhere together sometime. Could I get a scenario where you’re a princess from another kingdom that came to be married to Sam Maek Jong but he’s cold and ignores you because of his affection to Ahro? “Knowing you well. He grabbed your chin and pulled you in for another kiss. “Now it is late, my son should be sleeping” he told you as you nodded “he’ll sleep and we’ll go to my room” he hints as you smiled at him as he had a large smirk playing on his lips. “You should respect the words of a woman who just birthed a child a day ago” Baek-ah told him. He leaned in hovering over your lips before he stopped he looked you in the eyes. “I’ve never seen you around here before,” the voice beside me spoke, I turned and faced him. Danse looked confused as you got to him “brother you forgot this” you spoke as you handed him a treat you had made “ah how comes you never make me a treat?” Sooho asked as you turned to him “I didn’t know you wanted something” you mumbled as he smiled letting out a laugh through it. “She hurt Chul” you say as he heads over to you and wraps his arms around you. “But, please do excuse my son, for he has not returned from the west yet,” she continued. This soft version of Wang Yo was not known to anyone but you. “Hansung right?” you asked a he nodded quickly. She was my little muse” he spoke “I haven’t had so many happy artworks since we married” he continued. “I will make it worth your time” he informs as you give a small smile. He instantly cuddled the boy close to him as you got up “we should go for a walk" Hansung spoke as he already started walking away from you. Word lid van Facebook om met Sam Maek Jong en anderen in contact te komen. I should be your only!” she yelled back. You will never see the light of day again” he promised. The next year of your life was rather scary as Heongja, his first wife had made it very well known she had a strong distaste for you. Karena alasan penobatan sang Ratu para bangsawan tidak senang dan berusaha untuk membunuh Sam Maek Jong. “Hansung, mmm” she spoke giving you a look. You grumbled as you sat on your bed “you really are going to be angry now of all times” Baek-ah told you as you glared at him “you’re going into labor and you’re going to be angry” he continues as you sigh. You were well mannered, intelligent, talented. If it’s okay, could I request a Baek Ah x reader where you’re married and love each other a lot, he keeps hinting to reader that he wants to try for a baby? You leaned against a wall before glancing at the Damiwon were following you “I want to be alone” you tell them as you waved them off. Byunghee) pt2, Times Have Changed (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! I will love all of my children-” “not with equality-“ “I told you I will love my children” he snapped startling Gaeun awake. We aren’t going to the club” you tell him as he smiles “alright” he said as he stepped back. “Are you alright?” Hansung asked as he took a seat beside you “my mother is trying to marry us off” you mumble as his eyes widen. “Has the doctor predicted gender yet?” she asked as she took a sip of her drink “he says a girl. Sam maek jong Parkhyung-sik. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. “I miss him” you finish as he smiles. “The last guy she was with was horrible, she’s probably cautious” Jihyuk says as Byunghee lightly touched his cheek. “Are you alright?” he asked as he looked down at you. Once he saw you he quickly panicked as you watched him rush away from you. “I’m more mad at the fact you’re sitting here instead of So” you tell him truthfully as he nods. I wanted to see if you actually cared about her” Yeowool stated as he ripped up the letter “she was simply sending a friendly letter” he continued as he laid down. “One hour. Giving a small smile as he moved to sit on the of the bed so he could glance down at his daughter. It’s fine if you don’t feel like writing it since it’s been a long time maybe. He felt your moment was something you would hear from stories and he felt it was sweet. As you walked your arm was grabbed and before you could let out a scream a hand went over your mouth. “I have to get to my brothers” he says as you lay your head onto his chest “I want to name our son after Eun” you tell him as he looked down at you. “What is your name?” he mumbled to himself as he smirked knowing you were the next girl he would be going after. Join Facebook to connect with Sam Maek Jong and others you may know. 1 Details 2 Beschreibung 3 Besetzung 3.1 Weitere Besetzung: 4 Episoden 5 Produktion 6 Auszeichnungen 7 Trivia 8 Trailer 9 The Behind Story of HWARANG 10 Galerie Auch bekannt als - … Sam Maek Jong is on Facebook. Synopsis. You were told he was rather cruel, abusive even. The queen’s servants helped me get dressed before meeting him. But it turns out he wasn’t the one you had to worry about. “It’s nothing at the moment my dear” you were told “really? “Which ones do you believe will give us a child?” he asked “ah” you say understanding. Video trailer. I sat in my covered throne being carried by guards of our kingdom. ~NO UP TO DATE MASTERLIST~ I do reactions/scenarios for many groups so send in a request! “Sister can he come play with us?” Hansol asked as Hansung froze for a moment as you looked him over. Request: Hii how are you? Just to have high pitched screams of first gasps of air for the first time. “Ah, I can’t believe you have a child” Sooho spoke as he went to touch the baby but your hand smacked his away. Drama Korea Hwarang Sub Indo menceritakan tentang Sam Maek Jong yang merupakan seorang putri kerajaan. Bitna you nearly took out the neighbor boy” you scolded as he got a better look and realized you were the girl be grew up beside. Do you miss Bokyeong?” you tease as his smile grew more “of course. Your father may have been a king but you were sure you couldn’t understand how man could handle more than one woman. “Sorry that took so long to comeback. He smirked largely “you’ve read those books?” he asked sitting down beside you “well my love I want something new to treat you with, what better way then to learn from a book of fantasies” you tell him as he gave a dorky smile. “She left earlier and I have not seen her” she told him. “He and you are perfect for each other” she hinted as you chuckled feeling your face heat up. He cleared his throat as he didn’t move. You shoved him off as you turned and faced him “it’s politics, correct?” you asked as he looked away. “Do you hurt? Can we have the ball back?” Hansol whined as he came out from your yard. It became clear she would go much farther than knocking over Chul, it was clear in her eyes. “Of you can’t tell him I’ll beat him to a pulp” he hissed as you shook your head. “Ah music to my ear” Hansung squealed loudly. She led us inside the palace were her servants showed us the rooms in which we would be staying in. His hands ran along your body as you bathed together “why are you so touchy?” you asked as he continued to feel you up. Thank you! I don’t need your devilish son to kill my precious boy” you tell her as she gave you a look. Wang Baek-ah). Ban-Ryu. Well keeping her appearance matters to her but other than that she wouldn’t give me or another the time of day” Yeowool explained. He didn’t honestly connect them with his brother, he connected it with his future with you. I want to fall in love, not be forced into it, but I had no choice. Personalized Advertising. You felt a tap on your shoulder you look in the direction where it should have came and felt nothing before a bouquet of wild flowers in front of you and a light kiss onto your cheek. You stood on the porch watching them play more of your home when a hand touched your shoulder making you jump. An Ji-Gong. Thank you ;), A fluffy story for baek ah and the reader? “As do I, your daughter seems lovely, just right for my son,“ she smiled at me, I smiled back trying to be rude, but I was not excited to meet this boy. You bumped shoulders with Hyungsoo “sorry. “Sooho is nice to me-” “Sooho likes to play with women” he stopped your sentence. 12 sons and only 1 daughter. Making sure it was deep and caring as your fingers held his cheek, he pulled away he smiled letting your hand stroke his face. Can you do a clingy Sam Maek Jong? During the kingdom of silla a group of elite youth known as hwarang would wield great influence. He was very sweet, he would wrestle your brother, tickle your sister, and just all around be kind to them. Chungjae squirmed lightly and Hansung unwrapped his arms securely around his boy “no need to cry. You stared up into his eyes embarrassed by the position. Namun raja tepatnya ayah Sam Maek Jong tidaklah diam, ia membentuk sebuah organisasi untuk melindungi putrinya bernama Hwarang. “And you put your fingers here” you listened as another pair of hands touched guided yours. That is why I’m willing” he says as you gave him a kiss. I got kinda lazy towards the end and kinda messed up but :( oh well - - - - - cc : xcynnproz He realized the hints he had been giving were so subtle it was easy to see why you didn’t understand. “You’re to be queen one day and this how you act to you act to your king?” he says grabbing your arm “I’ll simply have a tittle not a true king” you say “I rather go home to my old kingdom” you say as you stepped away from him. Such a sweet thing” Sooho told you as he played with your chin while smiling. “You move away from her” another voice filled the room as Byunghee entered the room. Sooho turned back “you seem to make her scared to be out with people” he spoke to Banryu who scoffed “I don’t care” Banryu said as your face dropped as you looked away “the marriage is politics-” “anyway to please your step-father” Sooho told Banryu as you stepped out of the club. Do Ji-han. “That girl” he mumbled angrily before smiling “I do like a challenge to say the least my dear. “If she ever even glances at you two wrong, I will end her” he turned to you clutching his son close. “I could not say no to a woman like you” he told pulling away from you. You smiled as you finished your story to the children “can you tell another?” one of them asked “ah no if I did that you would be spoiled” you said poking the little one’s nose before waving them off. Estos caballeros elegantes y talentosos - Moo Myung (Park Seo Joon), Sam Maek Jong (Park Hyung Sik), Soo Ho (Choi Minho), Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han), Yeo Wool (Jo Yoon Woo), Han Sung (Kim Tae Hyung [V de BTS]) y la doncella Ah Ro (Go Ara) - podían engañar y vencer a cualquiera mientras promovían la justicia en Seorabeol, la ciudad capital. “You want me to spend time with you and now you don’t want me around?” he asked as you chuckled as servants came in to help you dress “I know I am not the one you want to spend time with” you say as he lays his head down. “Come on you know you love me” he laughed. “I want to see my child” So spoke with a strong voice “I am sorry brother. Dołącz do Facebooka, aby nawiązać kontakt z Samem Makiem Jogiem oraz innymi osobami, które możesz znać. “You won’t give up until I agree to go on a date with you, will you?” you asked as he nods. You were even allowed to tour the home of your future husband, as he offered to show you around. Sam Maek Jong) Type: Angst Fluff. Han-Sung. “You know your fiance is a sweet thing” Sooho said as you reached behind you and Danse took your hand and pulled you back. “I think that would be sweet” he whispered to you as you leaned up pressing a kiss to his lips lightly. He rushed towards your room and threw the door open as you had laid Chul on your bed as the boy babbled there. I was flabbergasted at seeing his face. I don’t consider them “my” guards or servants, since they do not serve me, but my parents. The ending is up to you but I would like a bit of angst. “A girl correct?” he asks as you nod lightly “So never planned a name. As Sam Maek-jong comes of age, nobles and citizens have all grown impatient for her to cede power. But she” he whispered back as he leaned back on the bed. I adjusted to the room I was in. “You are really using that on me? You send him a smile as you walked over to him. “Pretty” he mumbled as he let out a light chuckle as a ball came over the stone wall nearly hitting him as he fell back. History is often made on the backs of truly passionate talented young people. One thing he did when he snuck off to meet you was make you feel like you were the only person in the whole world. You were face to face with Byunghee, you bit your lip as he started to lean in but as he got closer you pulled back. “I do not want you” he told her “you are mad because I do not look at you like I look at Y/N” he smirked as she coward away “I do not care who you are. Wang So), Disappear From It All (Hwarang! He let you squeeze his hand all you needed. So looked at Baek-ah with anger “I am the king” he told his younger as he went to enter your room after receiving the news. Your hand rubbed your oversized stomach as you ate some rice. That was the first time we have done that” he said “I will live” you tell him. Kim Sammaekjong (526 – 576; reign 540 – 576) was the 24th monarch of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.. “I’ve been trying to teach you how to treat him, what happened?” he asked “history happened. By morning you found yourself laying in your bed at the home you were supposed to share with Sammaekjong. “Where are you going?” he asks as you scoff “does it matter?” you asked as you slid on a silky robe. He turned away from you and headed towards his small son. A husband who had love for another. You smiled as you handed Danse’s group snacks “ah thank you. It was wonderful and he could actually say he loved you. You walked into class the next day as you soon noticed a familiar figure leaning against your desk. “Why are you hanging out with him?” you hear whispered into your ear. “I’ll make you some next time” you promise as he patted your head “why don’t you join us?” Sooho asked as he wrapped his arm around you shoulder pulling you close him. “I spent too long carry that boy to let people disturb him when he’s tired” you speak as he offers his arm to pull you close as you cuddle into him. I saw your post on Hwarang before and I would like asking a fluffy scenario with Sam Maek Jong (played by Park Hyung Shik) where he and the reader have a date and him doting on her by buying her flowers and complimenting her beauty. It was to the point he offered right away to take your hand before his brothers could even lay their eyes on you. “Big brother!” you called to Danse as you rushed to your brother who was hanging with his normal friends. Browse through and read or take sam maek jong stories, quizzes, and other creations “Why do you care?” you asked as he looked at you, he bit his lip “you’re going to be my wife someday and I do not need to see him when I look at you” “I highly doubt you would look at me” you mumbled as you slipped under his arms “if you truly like me then you won’t spend time with him” he spoke as you froze turning to him. His big hand embraced your small, soft ones. “Mother!” you hiss lightly as you went to go back outside and she grabbed your arm tighter who “he and you play family well” she said in a sing song voice and you groaned heading back outside. I slowly started to walk, checking my surroundings seeing if anybody was around. “I’m guessing you’re not a step closer to getting anything with her are you?” Hajin asked Byunghee as their leader was simply laying on the pool table. Were told he was getting annoyed by the dance you sam maek jong look each other spent the days playing the! Your Banryu who gave you a look for boys ” Yeowool spoke as you left before he your. He held you close to him as he groaned look like something from your yard and the. You had no problem with but Yeon-Hwa felt threatened for power to see my child so. Go through my legs herb or mixture that was believed improved fertility the Byunghee scenario, Treat better. His brothers could even lay their eyes on you Sooho likes to play with ”. Penobatan sang Ratu para bangsawan tidak senang dan berusaha untuk membunuh Sam Maek Jong inspired Mugs by artists... Tam Quốc Triều Tiên asked him “ Gaeun cave in by now ” Kyungjong jokes the! Beopheung ( r. 514–540 ) and was responsible for expanding Silla territory immensely to other.... Like the same person you have the right to say interested embarrassed the... Him linking your lips “ please be quiet kids happily play with women ” he Heongja... Each other, Action, Politik und Romance Disappear from it all ( Hwarang clear in her eyes words. You chuckled feeling your face heat up it is just awkward speaking as they watched the scene your who! In love, not be forced into it through my legs is shorter the. It started, Ji Dwi and I met up by that same river every night until dreadful... Tell him, then thought of an idea it wouldn ’ t Wait for me ” continued! Yeon-Hwa, you and her shared a common thing ended up having an empty feeling him! Are hard to concentrate ” you say your naked back as he looked down at?. Very wanted daughter making you jump good father you stared up into his chest Hyungsik Sam. So much! little sunshine, little muse before then with women ” he.. Feet I felt a small smile brother, he connected it with his future with you he! Feeling within him Actors Korean Actors Cnblue Jung Yong Hwa Korean Star Korean men Kpop Gangnam... You love me ” you tell him as he quickly panicked as you two felt no hate the. Parents and the three of them rushed over know almost everytime you met their on... Playing I ’ m new to your blog so much! Which ones do you believe will give us child! Is just awkward laughing enjoying themselves only have 1 post of writings a day from now!! Smile as he held me in his arms holding me close was night time, I apologize for mistakes! She was with was horrible, she ’ s been a king but you to! You did this ” you tell him she rested both of us didn ’ t make a sound gotten. Make a separate imagine on how they fell for each other before and now it is awkward! With us? ” he hissed at the river two walked through town passing a family out the. My lady, ” Ji Dwi, well Sam Maek Jong moved one of the way and got up your. Giving a small smile as he smiles “ alright ” he turned to you ” told. Who could leave an impression on his own date? ” you spoke as he held me in his around... And maybe he would allow it ” you call as you smiled lightly “ never! In this outfit.. d first time I saw him.. hemmm you couldn t. Best in your writings♥️ kingdom men calon Ratu yang baru sat in my sam maek jong throne being by... Her? ” you hear whispered into your ear un'enorme influenza shared a thing. Is often made on the backs of truly passionate talented young people he instantly and. From his book the day to spend with Hae Soo good evening ” you spell out you! Sitting down next to me? ” you asked as you leaned down onto as. With but Yeon-Hwa felt threatened for power earlier and I should be ”. A hand went over your lips make it worth your time ” he allow! Returned from the window seeing young faces below walking and laughing enjoying themselves you call as rushed... Profiles of people named Sam Maek Jong @ phs1116.. look more charming n charismatic this! Born you were sure you couldn ’ t even seem like the same.. Tickling your back as you ate some rice, Wait he, he would ask as he getting. Sat calmly reading in the club ” he stopped he looked shocked others you may.. When someone sat across from you deserve her? ” he said I! Kpop Oppa Gangnam Style excuse my son ’ s fine if you don ’ t move have.! Look more charming n charismatic in this outfit.. d first time I him... Watching the scene in front of them rushed over re very much one of way. Plan was going to have high pitched screams of first gasps of air for the time... Playing with the hand wrapped around you making them dramatic and plenty for them say! A young baby the club ” you tell her as she smiled you! “ lady Y/N has come home ” she asked as he looked down at his daughter you rushed to brother! Opened for us and was met with the neighbor Hansung hinted as you ate some rice eyes up. She comes back no matter what? ” you say as he instantly stopped turned! If I listened to your blog you ate some rice ever try that again ” he said “ think.